Business & Asset Purchasers

If you are purchasing assets or even an entire business in bankruptcy, you want to make sure that when the debtor walks away with the cash, you walk away with everything you bargained for.

Ashford Schael represents businesses and individuals purchasing assets or entire businesses in bankruptcy through pre-petition or post-petition asset purchase agreements, bidding at bankruptcy section 363 sales, pursuant to Chapter 11 bankruptcy plans and in Chapter 7 liquidations.

At Ashford Schael, our clients get individualized attention to their matters and prompt easy access to their bankruptcy attorney. Our size allows us to provide cost effective representation without sacrificing quality or business bankruptcy expertise.

If you are interested in purchasing assets or a business in bankruptcy, call Ashford Schael now at 908-232-5566 to speak to a bankruptcy attorney or contact us by email to find out more about what we can do to assist you.