Business Debtors — Chapter 7

Business debtors considering liquidation under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code need an experienced business bankruptcy attorney to determine if Chapter 7 is the right option for their business, to prepare the petition documents and, if necessary, address issues raised by the Chapter 7 trustee.

If you are considering closing your business, Ashford Schael will explain your options and consult with you to determine if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right choice for your business. Ashford Schael will prepare and file all petition documents. After the petition is filed, a Chapter 7 trustee will be appointed to liquidate the business' assets and distribute the proceeds to creditors. Even after the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is filed and a Chapter 7 trustee is appointed, Ashford Schael will continue to assist you in addressing any issues raised by the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee.

If you are a business considering filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in New Jersey, call Ashford Schael now at 908-232-5566 to speak to a bankruptcy attorney or contact us by email to find out how we can assist you.