Ashford — Schael LLC

At Ashford Schael, our large firm experience and proficiency in complex business bankruptcy legal matters makes us different from other small firms and solo practitioners. Whether your matter is routine or complex, you need an experienced business bankruptcy attorney to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the bankruptcy case and its impact on your interests. Ashford Schael's size and experience enables us to provide cost effective business bankruptcy representation of creditors, debtors, committees, principals and shareholders in Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. We also provide a cost effective alternative to large law firms for attorneys seeking local counsel in New Jersey.

Our experience in complex business bankruptcy matters means that our clients never have to choose between the bankruptcy expertise offered at large law firms and the cost effective individualized representation offered by small law firms and solo practitioners. At Ashford Schael, our clients receive the best of both — the unique combination of small firm value, responsiveness and accessibility to their bankruptcy attorney, with large firm quality and experience. Come benefit from this unique combination at Ashford Schael and see why experience makes the difference.

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