Defendants in Bankruptcy Litigation

Ashford Schael offers cost effective experienced representation to defendants in avoidance actions and other bankruptcy litigation in New Jersey bankruptcy courts. We represent defendants in all types of bankruptcy litigation, including fraudulent transfer actions, preference actions and state law actions.

Creditors who get sued in bankruptcy cases for avoidance actions are, understandably, one of the most disgruntled constituencies in a bankruptcy case. First, they find out they will not get paid what is owed to them by the debtor. Then, they get sued to return payments for goods or services that they already provided to the debtor. At Ashford Schael, we understand your frustration and offer cost effective legal representation in avoidance actions without sacrificing quality or business bankruptcy expertise. Our clients also benefit from individualized attention to their matters and prompt easy access to their bankruptcy attorney.

If you have been sued by a Chapter 11 debtor, bankruptcy trustee, liquidating trustee or creditors' committee, call Ashford Schael now at 908-232-5566 to speak to a bankruptcy attorney or contact us by email to find out how we can help you.