Landlords & Suppliers

Ashford Schael represents landlords, suppliers and other creditors with specialized rights and remedies under the Bankruptcy Code. Commercial landlords have enhanced protection in bankruptcy because debtors or trustees are required to continue to timely pay rent and perform obligations under a commercial lease after a bankruptcy petition is filed. Prior to assuming a commercial lease, debtors are also required to cure any monetary defaults under a commercial lease, compensate for actual pecuniary losses and provide adequate assurance of future performance. Ashford Schael enforces and protects these rights for landlords both with consensual arrangements with debtors or trustees and enforcement proceedings before the Bankruptcy Court.

Suppliers also have enhanced rights and remedies in bankruptcy. Suppliers who delivered goods to a debtor within certain times periods prior to the debtor filing for bankruptcy may be entitled to payment prior to other Unsecured Creditors & Committees. Ashford Schael ensures that suppliers get the full benefit of these enhanced rights through negotiations with debtors or proceedings before the Bankruptcy Court.

If you are a commercial landlord with a tenant in bankruptcy, supplier who delivered goods to a bankruptcy debtor or other specialized creditor, call Ashford Schael now at 908-232-5566 to speak to a bankruptcy attorney or contact us by email to find out more about what we can do to protect your rights.